Helping hand


Welcome to the walk center where we rise from trash to triumph!

In 2001 we saw the dumpsite, we saw the children there and the families scavenging for food. Didn’t have any money only had a heart to help and a vision of seeing this community change.
2001-2005 every Wednesday I would buy some juice and bread having borrowed the 200kshs needed many times.
Would gather the children at the dump and we would share the meal and would motivate them that all shall be well.
Many who saw us just laughed and told us that it’s impossible to change the situation.
In 2005 we rented a small room away from the dumping site to start the walk children’s church.



In the year 1998, addicted to drugs, criminal, homeless, hungry, angry, rebellious, almost dying, in and out of police cells, living in the slums of Nairobi, someone told me about the book am holding in photo 1. I took it, loved it and held it firmly in my heart and life after a while the prodigal son Alex went back home to his parents.

photo 1 ( Alex Maina With the Book)
photo 1 ( Alex Maina With the Book)

I kept my faith in the BOOK, the preacher told me to dwell in Joshua 1:8.