About Us

second chance foundationThe second chance foundation is a Charity based organization in Nakuru Kenya, which solely aims at giving a second chance to the less fortunate by empowering the community through education, guidance and counseling



To create an effective impact in the community to bring out the best in people for a better tomorrow.


The Second Chance Foundation primary mission is to offer a second chance to the community through

empowerment, social development, Skills development, and capacity building.



1. To empower the community by providing education in society.

2. To increase awareness in the community about the importance of education.

3. To work hand in hand with the local community towards the betterment of the children’s lives.

4. To engage guardians/parents and teachers to work on issues that affect the children.

5. Advocate on the importance of child protection in the community.

6. To equip all the parties involved with life skills, knowledge, and values.

Second Chance was started by Mr. Alex Maina and his wife Patricia Maina in 2001 under the church name walk like JESUS walked Africa.

“We moved to Nakuru from our rural home with an intention of starting a business which didn’t succeed, we eventually became volunteer teachers in a church school in town”

” in 2001 we saw the Nakuru dumping site for the first time, the sight of mothers with children in their back, the young men, children all scavenging for food and valuables in the dump couldn’t leave our hearts, we decided to do something about it”.

“We started visiting the slum children and junior youth at the dumping site weekly with some bread and juice and holding some talks with them.

We also started a football team for the youth at a field near the dumping site and called one of our cousins Ken to do some coaching.

We believe in helping where we can.

This continued and in 2005 we rented a room where we started the walk children’s center to give the children an alternative place to spend their day instead of staying at the dumping site.

48414844_10217989112389199_5642087301673648128_nFrom 2005 to date we have been able to take in more than 500 children giving them free education, two Meals a day, clothing etc.

We have established a school full recognized and registered as a private school by the ministry of education.

From the dumping site, we have seen kids go up to university level.


What We Do


We ensure that we create a suitable environment for the children to learn by maintaining silence while classes are going on, engaging the children in class by asking questions.

We offer a platform where parents or guardians are taught, advised on how to treat the children at home.

We follow up on children to ensure they don’t miss or stop learning in case of a crisis at home.

The Walk Children’s School solely aims at empowering the less fortunate through equipping them with values, life skills, and knowledge to help better their day to day lives.

the walk Education center

It started back in 2005 in the hearts and minds of Pastor Alex and His wife Pastor Patricia. It initially started as a feeding program, where Alex used to go to the dumpsite gather the children to feed them with juice and bread, teach them about the love of God and thereafter play football. This went on for quite

some time until he created a bond with the kids. During that period, he used to think of what he can do to improve or help more.

Alex then rented a small room where he took the kids and continued his

passion of feeding and educating them. Word spread around about his feeding program hence, the number of children increased immensely. This led him to rent two more rooms to accommodate them.

Alex then came up with a football team and with the help of volunteer coaches, they engage the older kids in sports activities in order to keep them off from the dumpsite.

The Walk football team continues to participate in regional tournaments. Alex and his wife saw a need to give the children formal education and since both of them are teachers by profession took that initiative to teach them how to read and write.

Hence, The Walk Children’s School was born in Nakuru, Kenya.

Currently, we have grown from 5 children to about 500 children who directly benefit from the school.

About 250 children come to the walk center on a daily basis for education, including the nursery and the lower primary pupils. Moreover, we have collaborated with some of the nearby schools who

accommodate the upper primary level and the secondary school going students.

We also have few of our own in colleges within our vicinity.

We have programs at the foundation which include the feeding program, formal education, shelter and care, sports, child protection, guidance and counseling. These programs are the pillars through which the foundation has seen an outstanding/imperative change in the community. Through our programs children become empowered, their living standards change and later on we see an in numerous change in the community

Child protection

Our main aim is to protect the children against violence, abuse, exploitation, neglect and lack. These are just but a few of the most experiences that these children go through.

However, in collaboration with the Ministry of gender, children and Social Development; Department of Children’s services, Provision Government hospital and other organizations we have been able to achieve and create a safe home for the children.

Feeding Program

This program is the genesis of the second chance foundation at the center. The program has enabled more children to get food nourishment and stopped them from going to dumpsite where they once

went to look food leftovers.

Shelter and Care

This involves putting house structures for the community, especially at the dumpsite.

This program emphasizes on the elderly and families that can’t really afford this basic need.


The sports project has developed to the formation of The Walk football teams, which participates in

tournaments around the area.

We also offer resources such as balls, a playing field and many more to increase the sporting activity in

the school

Guidance and Counselling

The guidance and counseling program is an integral part of the Second Chance Foundation. The program promotes social transformation and educational development in the children.

It offers a leveled platform where the guardians/ parents and teachers engage or communicate or share the common interests of a child.

Through guidance and counselling, there is an opportunity for spiritual nourishment in the community.