No one has ever become poor by giving

From 2005 to date we have been able to take in more than 800 children giving them free education, two Meals a day, clothing etc.

We have established a school full recognized and registered as a private school by the ministry of education.

We Have Served Over


children in Kenya

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The second chance foundation is a Volunteering based program, which solely aims at giving second chance to the less fortunate by empowering the community through education, guidance, and counseling


To create an effective impact in the community to bring out the best in people for a better tomorrow.


The Second Chance Foundation primary mission is to offer a second chance to the community through empowerment, social development, personal development, and capacity building.

We are always ready

Whenever we are called to attend the needs in the community we are there to do our best.

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We are located in Nakuru County 350 Km from Nairobi City. Just 900 Mtrs from the Nakuru Damping site along Nakuru Kabarak  Road. Feel free to reach us on call +254721875781 or email

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